The following are terms used to describe the evaluation process used to determine one's level of personal involvement with alcohol and or other drugs.  A chemical health evaluation can be ordered by the court system, employer/workplace, or a school.  Also an individual may want an assessment out of concern for their own personal well-being.

Alcohol Assessments
Alcohol and Drug Assessments
Chemical Dependency Assessments
Chemical Health Assessments
Chemical Health Evaluations
DUI Evaluations
Substance Abuse Assessments

Chemical Use Assessments
Some people mistakenly use Chemical Use Assessment as interchangeable with the above terms.  In Minnesota, the term Chemical Use Assessment refers to an evaluation process using a Rule 25 Assessment format. 

A Rule 25 Assessment is conducted when a person is seeking chemical dependency treatment and qualifies for public funding from the State of Minnesota to pay for the treatment.  The assessment process and decision criteria are governed by MN Rule 25 (Minnesota Rules, parts 9530.6600 through 9530.6655).  Rule 25 assessors are county employees, or someone contracted by the State of MN to provide assessment and treatment services to those in financial need.

More information regarding Chemical Use Assessments (MN Rule 25 Assessments) can be found on the Hennepin County website.

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